Privacy Screen Protectors

Privacy screen shield


  • Perfect Protection of your privacy. Only a dark screen will be seen out of 60°. You can protect your private information from being viewed by others nearby. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?
  • Anti-Glare. Anti-glare coating of the film surface reduces a reflection of exterior shiny lights and provides a comfortable screen. By protecting screen from fingerprints and residues, this film keeps your screen clean.
  • Anti-Scratch. 3H of surface durability will minimize unavoidable scratches in everyday lift and lengthen the product’s life.
  • Anti-UV. This screen protector blocks UV rays by 99%. The Optical blinds were designed to increase a screen visibility, and provided a clearer screen.
  • Anti-Static. A screen will be prevented from producing static electricity.
  • Easy to remove. No sticky residues on screen after removed.

How it works?

Structure of privacy screen protectors

It’s all about the micro-louver technology.  It is the core of our privacy screen protector. The micro-louvers of the screen control the viewing angles and fulfill the protection of private information.

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